Flos Olei | International Competition

The “International Competition FLOS OLEI” aims at enhancing the quality of extra virgin olive oil at international level, awarding prizes to the best products, spreading oil knowledge and thus contributing to its correct marketing. In particular the competition intends to:

  • stimulate the workers of this field (olive growers, olive-press operators and packagers) to obtain a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, comparing the different world productions.
  • enhance the knowledge and study of quality olive productions of any origin and inform about the profession of the expert taster of virgin and extra virgin olive oil, who is able to assess the excellence of every single product in compliance with E.C. and International regulations both individually and as a member of a panel.
  • promote information about the health-giving and nutritional qualities (Mediterranean Diet) of quality extra virgin olive oil in the different fields of consumption (school canteens, cooking courses, wine bars, restaurants, importers, buyers, etc.).
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Flos Olei 2020

A guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil

is the first Guide dealing on an international scale with oil farms all over the world and extra virgin olive oils, strictly selected by a panel of expert tasters coordinated by Marco Oreggia, editor and publisher of the volume.

The Guide, written in two languages (Italian-English and Italian-Cinese), consists of a presentation of the olive growing sector in 53 countries belonging to 5 continents and also contains a description of the Italian and Spanish regions, supplying historical and cultural information, production data, typical varieties and areas protected by names of origin.

880 pages | 5 Continents | 53 Countries
85 world maps of olive-growing areas
500 manufacturers | 719 extra virgin olive oils
Tasting notes | Gastronomic matches.

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Flos Olei App

Flos Olei App 2020

The Guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil also on your Smartphone

Discover the Apps for IOS and Android of the Flos Olei Guide, the first international guide – made in the three languages ITALIAN, ENGLISH and CHINESE – of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

You will be able to choose between the 5 available versions (Italy, Spain, Europe, World and The Best) and get to know the relative historical-geographical introductions, consult maps and statistical data of the productions, view the producers of high quality value, choosing from as many oil labels described on the basis of varieties, organoleptic characteristics and suggested combinations.

You will have the opportunity to draw on the companies present in the prestigious THE BEST ranking, on the TOP COMPANIES and to view all the COMPANIES OF THE HEART. You can also learn about the realities that are part of the FLOS OLEI POINT circuit and buy the FLOS OLEI brand products.

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Flos Olei Beauty Kit

The new extra virgin olive oil beauty line

Ointment for the muscles of the wrestlers in antiquity, for millennia natural healing of wounds and burns, oil is today recognized – thanks to the presence of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – as an excellent adjuvant to fight the aging phenomena and the desquamation of the skin and to attenuate the phenomena of dryness and redness.

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