FLOS OLEI International Competition

The "FLOS OLEI International Competition" aims to enhance the quality of extra virgin olive oil at an international level, rewarding the best products, spreading knowledge and thus contributing to its correct marketing. More specifically it aims to:

  • stimulate the producers of the sector (olive growers, millers and packagers) to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil by comparing the different world productions.
  • enhance the knowledge and the study of quality olive production of any origin and spread throughout the world the figure of the expert taster of virgin and extra virgin olive oils as someone capable of evaluating the excellence of each product individually and through the panel, in compliance with Community and international legislation.
  • promote the diffusion of the health and nutritional aspects (Mediterranean diet) of quality extra virgin olive oils in the various areas of consumption and commerce (school canteens, cooking schools, wine bars, restaurants, importers, buyers, etc.).

The panel, coordinated by Marco Oreggia, is made up of Italian and international expert tasters with regular COI certification, also registered in the national lists of technicians and experts of virgin and extra virgin olive oils. All expert tasters are required to sign a Code of Ethics. In the event that an expert taster has relations of any kind with one of the farms participating in the Competition, he may be part of the judging panel only in sessions involving oil samples from regions or countries unrelated to his nationality, or only as an auditor.

The samples of extra virgin olive oil received will be submitted to the tasting panel who will operate in the organoleptic examination following the COI methodology in "open" mode, reporting their assessment to the panel coordinator, who will fill in a specially prepared form for the evaluation of sensory profiles. The panel's judgment will be final and irrevocable.


Marco Oreggia


Chiara Barcherini

Ettore Barcherini

Barbara Bartolacci

Gaetano Bettini

Armando Biagioli

Francesca Bosi

Rosa Carozza

Fabio Casamassima

Pierluigi Caccarelli

Bruno Cirica

Liana Davletsina

Francesca De Ritis

Alessandro Di Bella

Giovanni Di Iorio

Renato Di Lorenzo

Rosario Franco

Luca Mangoni

Stefania Marcuz

Laura Marinelli

Maria Grazia Mazzaglia

Riccardo Monteleoni

Duccio Morozzo Della Rocca

Francesco Le Donne

Annamaria Olivieri

Giovanni Papa

Monica Parente

Leandro Pesca

Emanuela Pistoni

Pasquale Raimondi

Pietro Razzino

Svetlana Shergukovych

Sabrina Signoretti

Luca Sparagna

Domenico Tagliente

Gianni Travaglini

Maurizio Valeriani

Maria Luisa Zarrelli

Laura Zoia