Flos Olei - a guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil

This is the first and only guide dedicated to oil-producing companies from all over the world and their extra virgin olive oils selected on the basis of an international competition coordinated by Marco Oreggia with the help of a panel of expert tasters.

The book, updated annually, is produced in two languages (Italian-English, Italian-Spanish and Italian-Chinese) and is presented as an olive oil atlas reviewing 500 companies of excellence from five continents, covering more than 50 countries.

An introductory text with historical and cultural information, olive varieties, olive-growing areas and production data is dedicated to each country. Spain and Italy also present a further regional subdivision. A descriptive card is dedicated to each company, with tasting notes on oils and gastronomic pairings.

The map includes the olive-growing areas with the greatest vocation and those with a denomination of origin. Published by Marco Oreggia, the guide is edited by him together with Laura Marinelli, journalist and expert taster.

Important experts in the olive-growing sector, both national and international, also participated in the production of the volume.