Flos Olei Point

It is an international commercial project that involves production companies in the agri-food sector from all over the world, and other similar ones, with the aim of representing a network of affiliates who share the same goal of high quality.

The Flos Olei Points are therefore commercial points distributed in many countries of the world that buy the range of Flos Olei products at favorable conditions in order to resell them.

Within each of them it is possible to know and purchase a brand that offers a guarantee of distinction and value thanks to the professionalism and care with which the products are designed and manufactured.

From the annual publication Flos Olei - guide to the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, to products for the care and beauty of the body, to gadgets, come to know a name that is also a philosophy.

Find out how to become a Flos Olei Point (download PDF):

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